Site Duplicator


I want to create a template Google Site and then make a copy of it for each student in my class but this takes ages doing it manually and Google Classroom doesn't offer 'Make a copy for each' with Sites!


Follow the instructions below to create a spreadsheet that duplicates your template site, making a copy for each student and saving it in a designated folder.

Make a copy of the spreadsheet here

Instructions below:

Instructions for Site Duplicator

Video Demo:

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How can my students access their site?

There are a few ways students can access their sites:

Your students should be able to find the site in 'Shared with me'. I would recommend them staring the site for easy access in future - they can then go to Drive and Starred to find it quickly. If they can't find it in shared with me, they could search Google Drive for 'Site for ' and then insert their own name. They could even use advanced search and state who the owner is (whoever created the site.)

Alternatively, you could put the links to all their sites (EG the spreadsheet, or create a doc with all the names and hyperlinked urls) on Google Classroom for them to access.

Can they publish their site to the public?

By default they can't but you can change this manually. Whoever created the site (EG, you or the teacher that ran the script) is the owner of each created site and the student is added as an editor. When the site is created, it is set so that editors cannot publish, change permissions or add new people. You can change this (we definitely recommend discussing online safety and digital footprints etc first!) by clicking on the share icon in the top right and then the settings cog and ticking the box to allow editors to publish.

Where are they saved?

You can provide the URL of the folder where you want them to be stored. If you want to move them after they have been created, you can right click the folder (or individual sites) and select Move.

How do you use Google Sites?

Watch this video for more information about Google Sites and how to use it: