Teaching is demanding. 

We know this because we are both full time teachers. The goal at EduScripts is to save as much time as possible for as many teachers as possible.

It has been estimated that teachers spend roughly half their time teaching students, while the other half is spent preparing lessons, assessing work, sorting through emails and completing other jobs which are increasingly done online. 

Over the years, we have both found that some of those jobs in the ‘non-teaching’ half of our time can be automated, meaning a computer can do it for us, meaning fewer human errors, meaning we can leave a few minutes earlier at the end of the day!

We both teach in schools that use Google Workspace for Education and have learnt to use Apps Script to solve some of these tasks. (Why not Learn how to do this yourself, like we did?) We wanted to share some of these solutions with other teachers in case they might be useful in other schools. Take a look at our Solutions page to see examples.

We also want to provide a chance for teachers to request specific solutions so if you have a particular problem or process that you think could be automated, send us a request using the form on the Home page. But bear in mind that we do both work in schools full time and cannot guarantee that each request will get a solution (or even a response). We aim to solve as many as we can and share them in our Solutions gallery and on social media

We hope that you might find something here that will help you save a bit of time for staff at your school. If you do, think how popular you will be in the staffroom… 😎

Brett and Luke

P.S. If you do find something useful and you'd like to buy us a coffee, it will make us smile :D