As teachers, we ask our students to learn new things every day. To watch them develop new skills or acquire a new piece of knowledge can be such a rewarding experience for both teacher and student, and this is surely one of the reasons why teachers continue to do what they do despite all of the many and varied challenges involved in our profession.

As grown ups, though, it can be easy to neglect this habit of learning and miss out on the satisfaction that comes with it. Learning is hard. (If it is not, are you learning?) It requires perseverance and grit and there will be times that you feel completely overwhelmed, confused and outside of your comfort zone - a feeling we ask our students to embrace rather than fear.

If you are interested in taking up coding, it will be like learning a whole new language. But the gratification you feel when you run your code after receiving multiple error messages to see that you have fixed the problem, or when you realise that you now understand the difference between an object and an array, these sparks of satisfaction are what make the struggle and perseverance worth it.

But the ultimate reward is if you can use your new ability for a purpose. If you have ever felt the buzz of playing live in a band after hours of practice, or successfully used your skills to help your sports team win a match, you will know the feeling. If you can use your new knowledge of coding to create something that not only saves you time but others as well, that provides the greatest sense of achievement and that is why we, at EduScripts, do all of this for free.

So you are welcome to use the solutions available on this site, but if you are feeling brave and ready for a challenge, why not commit to learning some new coding skills to create your own bespoke solution at your school? Apps Script is a great place to start as you can use it in any Google Sheet/Doc/Form etc. The learning will be hard yet rewarding, and if you persevere, you might just create something that helps others too. Below are some of the courses that can help you learn the basics of Apps Script even with no background in coding at all:

Good luck!