Sheet to Meet


"I arrange a lot of Google Meets and it would be helpful if I could do this from one place and make the process quicker."


Get the Sheet to Meet add-on. You can create calendar events from the spreadsheet and it will paste the Meet link back into the sheet. Watch the video below to see how it works:



How do I create an event?

First you have to create the master spreadsheet by going to the Add-ons menu and selecting 'Create event sheet'. Next, enter your event details and then check the box in the last column. Go back to the Add-on menu and click 'Create selected events'. Then check your calendar to see the events and the Meet links should be in the sheet.

Can I add more than one guest?

At the moment, no. You can always email other invitees the link or invite them from the calendar event. This was designed to be a simple and quick fix with only a few common options.

Can I make recurring events?

Not with this Add-on. The aim is to be simple and for more complex events, it is better to use the Calendar directly.