QR Creator


"My children have made some amazing work that has been saved on their Google Drive and I want to create a QR code that can go in their books but I don't want to have to make 30 QR codes individually."


Install the QR Creator Workspace add-on for Google Drive and select the files you would like to convert

Download the add-on here

Find instructions here



Does this add-on retain my data?

The add-on does not hold any of your data.  The link to each of your files is passed to the Google Charts API to generate the QR code.  This information is not retained.  All generated files are created in your My Drive

Where are the created files stored?

Each time you run the QR Creator it will generate a Google Slides presentation in your MyDrive

Can I change the layout of the QR codes?

Yes! You can choose from 6 QR codes per page (3x2), 15 QR codes per page (5x3), 2 QR codes per page (2x1) or 1 QR per page (1x1)

What happened to the old version?

Due to Google's changes in add-on permissions, the old version was no longer able to be verified.  Seeing as this version is much faster and more useful, we made the decision to completely remove the old one.