"I have an album of photos on Google Photos but I need to store them in a folder on Google Drive"


Try this web app from EduScripts that allows you to select an album from your Google Photos and then select where you would like to save it. Scroll down to see it.

Note: Currently, it can only transfer the first 100 photos in an album.

Note: Videos in the album will be saved as 1 frame thumbnails. (If you require video transfer, please request the feature on the Home Page)


Photos to Drive Web App

If you see a grey box that says can not connect, make sure that you are logged into only one Google account and refresh the page.


The web app shows an error

You can only use web apps when logged into a single Google account. If the web app shows a grey box, make sure you are logged into one (and only one) Google account and then refresh the page.

What if I have more than 100 photos in my album?

At the moment, the web app is only designed to transfer up to 100 photos. If you require more, please contact or complete the interest form on the home page of this site. If there is enough interest, we will look into enhancing its capabilities.

Why does the web app take a long time to run?

We are working on increasing the speed at which the web app runs, but currently, it will display an update every 20 photos to keep you apprised of its progress. It usually takes around a second per photo to work.

Can I transfer videos?

Currently, videos will only be transferred as 1 frame thumbnails. If you would like to be able to transfer videos as well, please request the feature on the Home Page of this website.