Photos To Slides Sync

Due to this add-on's recent popularity, it has been reaching Google's limit for accessing Google Photos which has in turn caused errors for most users. To try to limit traffic, if the presentation hasn't been accessed in the last 7 days, photos will only be synced once per day. To allow the photo sync to continue working correctly, please open the Slides presentation at least once a week. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and we are working to find a better more permanent solution that works for everyone.


"I want to share or publish a Slideshow with all the photos from a Google Photos Album"


Install this add-on for Google Slides and set it to stay in sync with a Google Photos Album of your choosing.

Download the add-on here

Find instructions here



How does it work?

The add-on searches through your chosen Google Photos album each hour to check if there are any new photos to add.  It will add up to 100 photos each time so if you have a very large album, it might take a while to fully sync.

Why only 100 photos at a time?

Google puts limits on the amount of data that can be downloaded at any one time.  In order to ensure that everyone can use this add-on, the 100 photo limit has been put in place.  You can still sync albums with more photos, it will just take more time.

If I delete a photo from the Google Photos album, will it be deleted from the Slides?

No! The sync is only in one direction.  If you delete a photo from the original album it will not be automatically deleted from the Slides.  If this is a feature that interests you, please complete the request form on our home page.