Online Register


"During home learning, I want to know quickly and easily who in my class is accessing the work we are producing and who is not. I want all of this information to be found in one place."


Get the Online Register for Google Classroom add-on for Sheets which will create an online register (Google Form) for your selected class and post it to the class as a material. You can view which of your students have 'registered' themselves each day from the spreadsheet. For more information, watch the video and see the FAQs further down the page.



How do I add another week?

Use the Add Another Week function in the add-on menu which will automatically add another week that follows the final week in your register. (It might get confused if the final column of the last week is not a Friday.)

Can I add a new student?

Yes, just insert a new row where you want them to be and make sure to paste their school email address in the first column. You might need to copy and paste the formulas for them.

How can I delete a few days?

You should highlight the entire column (by clicking the letter/s at the top) and then right click and delete entire columns. This should not affect the rest of the spreadsheet (🤞).

How can I delete a student?

Highlight the entire row that they are on (by clicking the number on the left) and delete entire row.