Google Classroom Manager

(Super Admins only)


There are many Google Classrooms across the school and I want to have access to them without having to join every single one. I sometimes need to add/remove a teacher or student.


First make a copy of the spreadsheet linked below and then after a few seconds a menu should appear called 'Classroom'. Click the 'List all classes' button and it will ask you for permissions. (All code can be viewed from Tools > Script editor.) Then it should pull in all of the (active) courses (Google Classrooms) in your organisation (up to a limit of - we think - 500 most recent). Next you should notice another sheet at the bottom called 'Edit classes'. Click that and select a class from the dropdown menu. Click get info to see teachers and students. Click add/remove teacher/student to do just that. You will need their exact Email Address.

Make a copy of the spreadsheet here

Video instructions below:

Video Demo:

Classroom Manager Demo.mp4


Can I bulk upload students?

Not at the moment. This is more for monitoring classrooms and small-scale tinkering. There are more robust (and probably expensive) solutions out there that might better suit your needs.

What if I want to see more than 500 classrooms?

See answer above - although it is possible so get in touch and we might be able to update the code, time permitting.