Cell Permission Limiter


"I want my students to all share some information on a Google Sheet but they keep accidentally or "accidentally" changing other students information ."


Install this add-on for Google Sheets and quickly create a spreadsheet which only allows the students to edit their specific row. Syncs with Google Classroom to make setup super fast.

Download the add-on here

Find instructions here



What if I need to add additional columns after initial setup?

Just reset the protections on the sheet using the add-on menu, then add in your additional columns and run 'Set Protections' again.

Running the add-on is taking a while - is this normal?

The add-on has quite a complicated job to do to set the permissions of each row in your spreadsheet. The more users you add, the longer it will take. That said, it is still much quicker than trying to do it manually. It is completely normal for the add-on to take a few minutes to do a class of 30 students.

Why is one of the names highlighted in red?

This happens if there was an issue with sharing the spreadsheet with that user, it may be that the email address was typed incorrectly or some other error occurred.