Calendar to Doc


"I want to get all of the calendar events for the upcoming week into a Google Doc with the basic information like times and location so I can print it or share it with people who do not have access to our calendar."


First, make a copy of this document.

Then go to the 'Magic calendar menu' and select get calendar events for next week. You will need to give permission for this doc to view your calendar events. Then you should see them appear in a table in the document.

To make any changes to the way it works, EG to use it with a shared calendar or to get the event description too, see the FAQs below.



How do I change the calendar from my default calendar to a shared calendar?

Go to the Script Editor (under Tools) and scroll down to line 15. Delete or comment out the line of code with two slashes // then delete the slashes from the code on the line above. (The slashes turn the code on that line to a comment and the computer ignores it.) Then paste your calendar ID (looks like an email address and can be found in the sharing and settings in Google Calendar) in between the speech marks. Click the save icon and try running the function now.